Most people are always asking about the difference between web design and web development. One thing you need to know is that these two are quite similar since it’s almost like doing the same thing, except for the fact that one is more complex than the other.

These terms nowadays are interchangeable virtually due to the way web companies alternate them when they are describing their services. The truth of the matter is that these two terms reference aspects that are fundamentally different in the process of website creation since they both require two skill sets that are quite unique.

Web Design

When we talk of web design, we are referring to the usability and aesthetic portion of a website. Some of the programs used by web designers include Adobe Photoshop and others, to help them create a layout, as well as other visual elements of a website.

This is not the case when we are talking of web development. What web designers do first is to consider the objectives of a client’s website. Once they have this information then they move on to set an Information Architecture, which guides them to design the process.

Web design principles include:

  • Emphasis
  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Unity
  • Consistency

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Web Development

Web developers are also known as programmers. They take the design created by a web designer and use it to build a fully functioning website. The design is like a non-interactive picture that web developers take and break it up into components.

Once they do that, they use HTML or a more dynamic approach by incorporating programming languages like PHP to help them develop several website pages.

Some advanced web developers can choose to use Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, and others in the development process. Using CMSs makes it easier for clients to maintain and update their website without much strain.

So, it is clear that web developers and web designers should work together in order to ensure that at last there is a working website. It is the website designer who will ensure that we have an attractive website that is able to attract a wide variety of visitors.

When a website is designed appropriately, it will be perceived by potential clients as a serious business, and this will increase organic traffic.

It is the organic traffic that will, in turn, grow the website to the point whereby it is able to sell its products or services with ease. This is the fundamental reason why we need effective websites so that we can attract traffic who will, in turn, consume our products or services.


Without a doubt, web design and web development are quite different, but they need each other to create a fully functioning website. When one is able to combine the best of these two spheres, they without a doubt come up with an amazing website that gets the job done.

A good web developer will ensure that they implement the web designers’ model in such a manner that the website is appealing. Only when there is a consensus between the two that one expects a working website.

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